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Darren Tonkin

Darren Tonkin | Storyboard
Darren Tonkin | Storyboard

Darren Tonkin’s passion for business started from a young age where he would sell collectables to his peers at school and online.

He found his passion for creative technology in early 2016 when he started building Storyboard, releasing the first beta in September 2016.

In the first month of beta testing Storyboard appeared on the front page of the Apple App Store as part of ‘Apps we Love’ and had thousands of users. Storyboard was also nominated in the 2016 Tropical North Queensland Innovation Awards, winning the Mayor’s Inspire Award. Darren was named the winner of Creative Business Cup Australia with Storyboard and traveled to Denmark to represent Australia in the international competition.

Darren stayed in Europe and launched Storyboard internationally as well as releasing the android version. Having successfully launched internationally, Darren has experience in international expansion and marketing campaigns. One such campaign was ‘Light Up Taipei’ which saw Storyboard broadcast across Taiwan’s largest television network, with thousands of users and Storyboard taking over Taipei’s New Year’s celebrations.

What is Darren talking about at the summit?

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What is the future of social media and of the giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Messenger?

Facebook is already moving into the AR & VR spaces – where will this take them… and us?

Is social advertising worth it? How will it evolve?

Are people – and brands – ready for the monumental shift that is about to come our way?

Darren will talk to these topics, and more.

Where can you find Darren online?