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Amanda Fisher

Amanda Fisher - Business Mentor
Amanda Fisher – Business Mentor

Amanda Fisher is a trusted advisor to business owners and a leading expert in applying technology and systems to improve efficiencies, increase profits and enable informed decision-making.

Business clients go to her because they’re having difficulties with cash flow, struggling to put in place efficient systems and wanting to make more profit. Or they are looking for help with budgeting and forecasting. They want to be ahead of the competition.

Technology and systems are at the heart of what she does. Having started her career more than 30 years ago as a Chartered Accountant, Amanda has not only owned accounting practices, but she’s also worked as a Financial Controller and CFO in a number of different industries.

An early adopter of new technology, Amanda embraced cloud accounting with Xero in 2011 and has helped hundreds of businesses convert to Xero and save hours of bookkeeping time.

A virtual CFO, mentor and advisor, Amanda is also the author of three books: Amazon No. 1 bestseller Connected Technology – How to Transform Your Business with Cloud Accounting, Unscramble Your Numbers – Unlock the Secrets to Your Business Cashflow, and The Connected Accounting Practice – Embrace Technology, Improve Productivity and Get More Clients.

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