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Alison McGrath

Alison McGrath HR Specialist
Alison McGrath | HR Specialist

Alison McGrath loves every moment of what she does with her clients.

She works with employers of architects and engineers predominantly however she believes in the strength and value of small business. That’s why Alison chooses to allocate 1/2 of her working hours to coach and mentor small business owners. She rolls up her sleeves and works with you in your business.

Having worked in senior management and owned her own business with 26 full time employees and at times up to 300 casuals for 25+ years, she understands the challenges and frustration faced by business owners. She has consulted with over 250 businesses of all sizes.

Alison is a published author of ‘Getting the Right Balance’- a simple guide to people management & recruitment, contributor to, a Market Culture accredited global partner, business coach and human resource specialist.

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How to build a sustainable customer culture

A vital ingredient in any successful business is to create a sustainable customer culture. 91% of businesses say they are but only 10% of customers agree.

Every business has a culture – the important part is to know where yours sits. Is it awesome, toxic or somewhere in between?

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