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What you need to know about the summit

The IndiePro Summit is An Online Learning Repository for Freelancers, Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners.

Over 20 speakers have recorded their presentations about websites, building communities, social media, digital advertising, conversions, pricing, and your own well-being (plus much much more).

The IndiePro Summit is all about helping you be a better freelancer, entrepreneur, business person.

I have brought together some great minds - all who have their own specialties and have had their own struggles, but have found some level of success in their careers.

I created this summit to help you by bringing the speakers' knowledge about a wide variety of topics, from how to get started, building communities, website design, SEO, self-care, HR, and much more - to you.

I really hope you enjoy this summit. If you have any issues or feedback, I would LOVE to hear them as I want to improve on this summit year on year - and you are an integral part of it.

I also want to thank each and every speaker, who has not only given up their time and energy to a part of this summit, but has also given me much encouragement and inspiration during the process.

Have fun and keep on learning!