Freelance self care – what is it and why do you need it

In 2014, Beyond Blue found that for every dollar invested in wellness within business in Australia, there was a $2.30 return in productivity.

Investing in work-life balance has also been proven to have significant impact in avoiding mental health issues related to continued stress and in aiding in the growth of resilience under pressure.

Yet in the solo employment and freelance worlds, self care is usually the first item to be sacrificed during the busy days. This sadly often leads to negative long term consequences such as insomnia, stress related health issues, and susceptibility to stress related and mental health conditions.

Freelancing is a tough gig.

Between late payers, unreasonable demands, enormous workloads and the act of being creative on demand, life for a freelancer can get very tough indeed. Add myths
about what it means to be prosperous and successful within self employment against a backdrop of glorified busyness and things can get downright dangerous.

In this talk, we explore why freelance self care can make your business more enjoyable, productive and even profitable.

Rebekah takes you through simple ways you can improve your self care without it indulging mythology or becoming a time consuming, expensive act. Based on science, psychology and personal experience, this is a must attend talk for any freelancer who believes stress, overwork and anxiety don’t have to be a part of the everyday of freelance life.

Show Notes

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