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Katie Wyatt

Katie Wyatt Coach
Katie Wyatt – Coach

Katie Wyatt is a podcaster, speaker, writer, coach and trainer.

She is building an empire and helping others to build their too. Whatever empire looks like for you.

She has grown her authority, influence and online presence rapidly using the podcasting platform. She launched her first successful podcast – Empire by Design (previously The Wellness Entrepreneur) – more than 2 years ago. She now has two podcasts (she co-hosts #LadyBoss Chats with collaborator Elle Roberts), and helps entrepreneurs to conceptualise, create, launch and grow podcasts that grow their authority, audience and business.

She is the founder of the course PodWell for entrepreneurs to learn to grow their profile and influence with a podcast, and Podcast Empire a membership community for podcasters focused on growing their audience, converting more clients and creating community.

I facilitate two free Facebook communities – Empire Builders and Podcaster Posse.

What is Katie talking about at the summit?

Watch Katie’s presentation

Start a Podcast that grows your Audience, Authority & Business

Join Katie as she takes us through the 7 essential steps to start a podcast show that grows your audience, authority, influence and business.

2017 is the #yearofthepodcast and if you are a service-based entrepreneur looking to grow community, authority, profile or just a steady funnel of perfect clients, podcasting might be exactly the platform for you.

Katie has helped more than 50 entrepreneurs launch their shows and is coming along to show you too.

Where can you find Katie online?