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Alison Michalk

Alison Michalk CEO of Quiip
Alison Michalk CEO of Quiip

Alison Michalk is CEO and founder of Quiip, a global leader in online community management services; and co-founder of Swarm, Australia’s online community management conference.

An industry pioneer with more than 10 years experience working with online communities, Alison is a respected industry leader, speaker, and commentator in the areas of social media, online community governance, management, moderation and engagement.

Operating as a distributed company, Quiip has a team of over 20 based around the country and world. Alison is passionate about new business models and the future of work. She is also advocate for raising the profile and participation levels of women in tech, start-ups and leadership roles.

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Distributed teams and the future of work

As entrepreneurs and business builders we have the opportunity to do business better – on so many levels!

Not only to improve productivity and efficiencies but to create flexibility and freedom for ourselves and our teams.

Owning a business empowers you to impact people’s lives positively on a personal and professional level? Are you doing that?

This talk explores the way CEO and founder Alison Michalk runs her company Quiip which she established in 2010. She employs a team of over twenty to deliver services to top-tier brands, government and non-profits.

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